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Today: Jul 05, 2020

Manage your business while you are away and promote more productivity from your staff'.


Remote access 

Many small business owners need to be able to work remotely and have access to their office desktop computer, file server, FAX machine printers etc. They need to be able to read their email on their phone, laptop or desktop computer. Their contacts need to be on all devices as well as their sent and inbox history. The technology to do this has been around for a few years now and is becoming more affordable and compatible over a range of platforms.
If you are missing out on this technology and would like to know more please contact us. It is possible that you already have this technology but it is not set up or configured properly.
Planning to work from home or work while on your holidays, then you will need to make sure that your remote access to your office is secure. This a common failure point when setting up remote access. Using complex passwords as well as cloaking generic ports are some of the preventions that are necessary to prevent hackers. Abbey Communications can setup secure and safe remote access for you to work regardless of your location.

Internet filter 

Do you want to get more work out of your workers without confronting them over and over about the websites that they shouldn’t be going to? Gaming sites, social media sites, or are they just downloading illegal files or music? Do you want to stop your users using their mobile devises while they are at work. Do you want to block FACEBOOK! to your users. The best way to stop users from accessing inappropriate websites on company computers in company time is to block these sites or devices is to use a security firewall. This can either be a hardware or software devise with full management on what you allow and what you prohibit on your network. Consult us for a quote you are interested in this technology.

Camera surveillance 

Camera surveillance is everywhere these days, from traffic surveillance, shop surveillance and after hour’s factory security. Many homes are taking up this technology and can be displayed on your smart phone from any location. There are different types of cameras; IP cameras or analogue cameras all for different applications. It depends heavily on the type of internet you have as well as the services that are used on your network. All of our installations include live view from any computer or smart phone. The systems have back up and viewable history that can be downloaded for legal or police evidence.

Vehicle tracking 

Do you need to know where your workers are? Vehicle tracking is recommended for company vehicles that go to daily multiple destinations. Tracking can be viewed live from any computer or location at anytime using Google maps. Multiple reporting including history, stop and start, speed, location and duration reporting are just a few. There are other features that can enable starter, disable starter, unlock doors, temperature reports, maintenance and fuel reports all from the software console.


'We can help you with IT solutions for your business, We provide a one stop service to suite client demands including consulting, training and offering cost saving Service level agreement support solutions.'

We offering the following services;

  • Service workstation computers; repair, removal of viruses. We also replace or upgrade older computers that are in service.
  • Managing File Servers, Email Mail Servers, Windows Active directory. Remote Desktop Services.
  • Intregrated Email syncronisation between Mobile phones, Tablets and computers.
  • Install and manage Web filtered security software and hardware firewalls.
  • Data backup strategies and data recovery.
  • Remote access, VPN (Virtual Private Network) to your office network for home.
  • Provide training for operating systems, application software as well as computer/network maintenance procedures.
  • Internet connections; ADSL, ADSL2+, Cable, Wireless 3G, 4G accounts and NBN network.
  • Wireless network connectivity and security.
  • Website hosting and maintenance

Backup solutions 

If it's a company server or a home PC. If your data is important, then you need to have a data backup strategy for disaster recovery company data and emails. There are different types of cost effective solutions to suit your needs. If you are using POP3 email accounts and would like to collect email from several devices including phones, tablets and PCs then perhaps an inhouse Email Mail Server is a solution for you.

New notebook sales and service. Latest models and extended warranties. New Computer and server sales.


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